Why us?

Why to choose is a company ?

The highest quality and, in particular, the highest client satisfaction lie at the core of our effort. This means that Simulta endeavours to differentiate itself and reinforce its brand by providing services that not only keep our clients happy but ultimately exceed their expectations.

Customer care includes:

  • A quality assurance system and customer services
  • Tracing of and drawing conclusions from errors
  • Emphasis on the importance of our staff's responsibility towards the client
  • A convincing guarantee

Efficiency and flexibility

As a provider of comprehensive language services, we do our utmost to meet our clients' demands. We can create prompt, efficient and flexible solutions and methods enabling the client to receive a product of the highest possible quality.

At the same time, we respect and value our suppliers and strive to give our clients real experts in the desired area who are best matching their needs.


We associate our company's stability with thinking towards the future and constantly refine our working processes. We are early adopters of all the cutting-edge methods and tools available to enhance the translation process.

We work to foresee and be prepared for the future requirements of our clients.


Our solidity lies above all in the fact that we value, respect, and surround ourselves with, quality suppliers who are able to gives us a reliable product and good reputation. Our internal effort aims at optimising our operating costs associated with high work efficiency.

Our priority is not only to make profit, but also to keep building the reputation of a solid and reliable supplier on the translation and interpreting services market on a long-term basis.

Social responsibility

We are strict advocates of adherence to laws, ethics and morality, not only in our field of operation, but also in the broader social environment. We strongly oppose corruption and unfair trade practices .

We guarantee confidentiality, reliability, high quality and professional approach. Being aware of our social responsibility, we make regular donations to non-governmental charities. We follow the European Code of Ethics for Translators and Interpreters.