Our services

Simulta provides translation, interpreting and localisation services in all major languages to clients in both the corporate and government sectors.


Simultaneous interpreting ( in a booth ) is a mode of interpreting where the interpreter, using technical equipment, interprets at the same time as the speaker is speaking. To prevent fatigue and to ensure that interpreting is rendered smoothly, there are always two interpreters working in a booth.

Consecutive ( or subsequent ) interpreting is a mode of interpreting where the interpreter speaks after the speaker has paused.

Whispered interpreting ( the so-called chuchotage ) is a mode of interpreting where the interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the words into his or her ear.


The translation process involves a plethora of checks, including verification of completeness, accuracy, integrity, stylistic and grammatical correctness, numbers and formatting. All of our translations are produced employing the latest CAT tools.

Large volume translations are produced by teams sharing a single translation memory created in advance by Simulta or supplied by the client. This method has four positive aspects – speed, accuracy, integrity and low cost . At the client's request, the translation can be proofread by a native speaker of the language in question.

Additional services

Certified translations

These are translations made by a translator authorised by the Ministry of Justice and marked with a certified stamp. These translations can be used for legal purposes.

Software localisation


Printing (including binding)

Training for users of CAT tools

Software consultancy

Our management and information system supports quality assessment in compliance with the requirements of the LISA QA Model, SAE J2450 and EN 15038 standards.